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Shaft Stub End, Olympic / GBI Pre-Finish Flowcoater Shaft Coupler Reducer, 5/8 to 1 Inch - Flowcoat Machine Shaft Coupler Assembly, GBI / Olympic Pre-Finish Flowcoater
Prefinish Flow-Coater Lumber shaft - stub end Assembly. This is the bearing end shaft stub for Quick connect configuration used on Olympic & GBI Flow Coaters. Includes Stub Shaft with split end and hinged Ring Clamp. Steel reducer coupler for Olympic/GBI Flowcoater machine Motor Coupler Assembly only - for Lumber Shaft connection to 5/8" motor shaft - Woodruff Key. Includes: 1" to 5/8" reducer Coupler with thru bolt assembly on shaft end / Woodruff Key on 5/8" motor end; Bolt; Hinged Ring Clamp; Stub Shaft (Split Shaft Style).
prefinish flowcoat brush shaft
Replacement shaft for GBI or Olympic Flow Coat Machine