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Interior Door Slabs

If you have an existing interior door that needs to be replaced for some reason or another these door slabs are a great choice. To get the correct door you will first need to measure the existing door which includes the width, the overall height and whether the door swings to the right or left. Some of our door slabs will not be bored for the door handle and lock set as this will need to be done before installing the door. If you have any questions at all, please call our customer service department for assistance.

Please note: Doors can be expensive to ship and can sometimes cost double the amount of the door to ship especially out of state. All of our doors are marked as Local Pick-up only but we can provide you with a quote to ship to your location. Please call our customer service department for assistance Phone: 704-975-1674.

How to determine if a door is right hand or left hand:

The easiest way to identify the orientation of your existing door is to stand in the doorway and turn your back to the door hinges. If the door swings to the right, it is a right hand door and if the door swings to the left, it is a left hand door. Another way to know: Right hand doors will always swing clockwise while a left hand door swings counter clockwise.

Note:Inswing versus Outswing: This only pertains to exterior doors - If the door opens to the outside it is an outswing door and if the door opens inward to the interior of the house this is an inswing door.